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Are Smartphones Computers?

Could you live without a desktop computer or a laptop? Your answer is probably yes. Ever since smartphones were introduced, people have been using them more and computers less.

Are smartphones computers? Most definitely yes. You can do plenty of things on your smartphone today that people couldn’t even imagine doing on PCs 10-20 years ago.

Since Blackberries came out, they have been used for business purposes and they transformed how business was done.

Now the Blackberries are obsolete and we’re using other brands of smartphones like iPhones and Android phones.

In fact, I am writing this blog post on my smartphone right now. I’m even utilizing text-to-speech to do so.

Smartphone History

I’ll just mention a few noteworthy smartphones here that made some folks forget that they needed a PC.


When Blackberry first came out, it took the (business) world by storm.

You could finally read and write emails on the move.

You might not think that that is a big deal, but it was a real breakthrough back then.

They had some great models and I even had one and I was in love with it.

The keyboard was miles ahead of the competition and I still miss the physical buttons actually. There’s something about real clicks that makes it satisfying.


iPhone are arguably the most popular phones today. They really changed the world of phones and mad smartphones household items.

Samsung Note

With its big screen and stylus, it was and still is used instead of PCs. They’re probably the closest we got to replacing a desktop or a laptop.

Using Smartphones For Business Purposes

It is getting easier and easier to run businesses from smartphones.

Most of the major programs or platforms you need to run an online business have their corresponding mobile versions and apps.

I really could run my three blogs and e-commerce side of business from my smartphone. And it isn’t even a state of the art smartphone.

Am I running my whole business from a phone? No, not yet. I do prefer a bigger keyboard even though I might type faster on my phone.

Executives used to have secretaries that typed up their mail. Now we have Siri and Google Assistant.

The text-to-speech recognition is leaps and bounds better than it was even a couple of years ago but it’s still not perfect.

I am using it now, but I can’t wait for it to completely erase my need for typing.

Are Smartphones Replacing Computers Then?

I would sure say so. In fact, there is tech being developed right now that will replace both PCs and smartphones in the next 20-30 years.

World will look like a very different place. Just as it was hard for people in let’s say 80s or even 90s to imagine technology in 2020, it is hard to imagine right now how tech will look like in 2040 or 50.

Many groundbreaking technology got replaced in a matter of years with better, faster, cheaper new tech.

And so will our trusted smartphones.