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Draining Battery – How To Do It Faster And Easier

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The fastest way to drain your phone battery is to use as many battery drainers ie. apps, wifi, GPS, Bluetooth, vibration etc. If that is too much hands-on for you, you can download one of the apps on the Google Play Store. As far as I could see, there are no apps for draining the battery fast on Apple’s App Store.

Why Drain The Battery On Your Phone

There are multiple reasons why you would want to drain the battery on your phone. You might want to see how long does it take to do a full charge. Or you are an app tester and the app needs to perform an action when the battery is below a certain threshold.

Drain The Battery Manually

You could always just use your phone as normal and wait for the battery to deplete but that might take some time, depending on your phone’s battery mAh. And it’s less fun.

So let’s have some fun and drain that bugger.


Turn up the brightness to 100% and don’t let the screen go to sleep. You can do that by putting the time before it goes to sleep to the maximum. Or if your phone has the option, don’t let it go to sleep at all.


By turning on the wifi network we’ll help the draining of the battery. Especially if it’s not in range and it constantly looks for wifi networks to connect to. In fact, let’s turn on the other connectivity options like Bluetooth and mobile network as well.

Video And Sound

Open the YouTube app and put on a podcast or something. Crank up the volume to the fullest. The brightness of the screen in conjunction with the streaming of the video and the sound of the phone on maximum will do the trick. You could also…

Play A Video Game

Yes, download a game that is known for draining the battery like PUBG. According to

PUBG is one of the worst battery-sucking games found on mobile. In general, any 3D game is going to drain battery faster simply because of the intricate calculations your phone must make to achieve this three-dimensional plane. But in addition, games that link you to other players all over the world are going to monopolize your battery usage from the sheer effort it takes to keep a player connected.

Other games that are good for battery draining are Fortnite, Clash of Clans, The Sims Mobile, Candy Crush and many more.

Drain The Battery Automatically

low battery phone

There are two apps on the Google App Store that I have tried to use to drain my smartphone battery.

Both apps are basically similar. They have the same 4-star rating as well on the Google Store. I think that the reviews mostly reflect the expectations that people have of these kinds of apps. Let me be clear, these apps are not doing miracles with draining the phone’s battery. They are not some super-fast, one per cent per second type of thing. In fact, you would have more fun watching the grass grow. In my opinion, they are one step away from being novelty apps.

In both of the apps, you can choose which action you want your phone to perform to help it drain the battery fast. Things like turning on vibration, flashlight, Bluetooth, background video play etc. On both apps, the constant vibrating is the most annoying feature. I had to turn the vibration off because of the constant sound of it that I hated. Also, the flashlight wouldn’t want to turn on whatever I did. The draining was not that effective for me. As I said before, these apps do not perform miracles. As one reviewer on the Google Play Store said

Not that effective, took like 2% of the battery in 5 minutes. Other benchmark tests like 3dmark work much better. Now I get that there’s a safety measure to not let battery temprature go above 45°C. But all in all it just doesn’t fulfil it’s purpose. Not to forget that this test is so annoying especially to the ears where other tests are pleasing to watch & hear.

Which brings us to,

Using Benchmarks To Drain The Phone Battery

3dMark The Gamer’s Benchmark

Using benchmarks is a great way to drain your phone’s battery and see how your phone compares to other phones in terms of performance. One of the benchmarking apps that I have used before and used it for purposes of this experiment was 3DMark The Gamer’s Benchmark. In the few minutes, it took to complete this graphics test, my phone’s battery depleted by 3%. But, there’s always a but, the app developer recommends a 15-minute break between tests to allow the device to cool down although my phone didn’t heat up at all.

Should You Drain The Battery

As I already said;

There are multiple reasons why you would want to drain the battery on your phone. You might want to see how long does it take to do a full charge. Or you are an app tester and the app needs to perform an action when the battery is below a certain threshold.

Then there is also recalibration of your phone’s battery. If the battery “dies” when the battery icon is showing a positive charge, it means the battery needs to be recalibrated. Draining it all the way down then charging it up again should fix the issue.

Every lithium-ion battery comes with a fixed amount of charge cycles (the number of times you can charge up to 100 percent and run down to 0 percent). Simply topping up your battery does not count as a charge cycle. That’s why your phone’s battery will last longer if you just keep topping it up instead of waiting for it to die completely before charging.

Warnings About Draining The Battery

You should not drain your phone’s battery on a regular basis. It will shorten its life cycle and can even damage it. Also, by using the apps to drain it, some users reported damaging their batteries as well. I would not recommend using the above-mentioned apps anyway.

What I would do instead is, I would play one of the mentioned video games and have fun while the battery depletes “naturally”. Or I would watch a movie with maximum brightness and volume while turning on networks and Bluetooth. It can be simple and easy after all.