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Xiaomi’s New Phone Is Out Of This World

xiaomi mi mix alpha

Xiaomi’s new smartphone concept has the screen that almost wraps around the entirety of the phone’s body. In fact, the body of the Mi Mix Alpha’s body is only a thin ceramic strip where the phones triple-camera system is positioned.

Xiaomi’s Trailer For A Blockbuster

At the conference on Tuesday, the tech giant Xiaomi revealed a new 5G concept smartphone called the Mi Mix Alpha. And oh boy, does it turn heads. It truly is a phone for the future. It’s the kind of phone you would imagine the people in the Blade Runner universe are using. 

Blade Runner Stuff Right Here

Why? Nothing special, it only has a 180.6% screen-to-body ratio! this mega screen is made out of 2.88g sapphire glass to prevent scratches. And if there ever was a phone in need of super tough glass – it’s this one. How afraid would one be to leave this awesome phone anywhere? I can already envision special cradles and stands for it.
Via DroidHolic

I really hope Apple, Samsung and other heavy hitters were watching the presentation because Xiaomi is certainly giving them the run for the money. 

How excited are you after this presentation and are you looking forward to the future of smartphones?